Telepsychology Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Atlantic Provinces

There is a MOU in place between the Atlantic provinces that allows psychologists who are registered and residing in one of those provinces, to provide telepsychology services to the other Atlantic provinces without having to be licensed.

For NB registrants, please contact the regulatory body where you would like to provide telepsychology services and they will guide you on how to proceed.

For NS, PE & NL registrants, please send an e-mail to the Assistant Registrar, Renée Turner, at indicating your intent to provide telepsychology services in NB along with your license/registration # and contact information.   A confirmation e-mail will be sent confirming that you can proceed with your services.

Here is a link to the MOU document Telepsychology-MOU-PEIPRB-NB-NL-NSBEP.2020.English as well as the ACPRO ACPRO.Telepsychology Model Standards – June 4, 2011 and CPNB Model Standards for Telepsychology Service telepsychology model standards.  All questions can be directed to Renée Turner at the above e-mail address.