President Greeting

Welcome to the website of the College of Psychologists of New Brunswick

This website has been designed to serve the needs of the members of the College of Psychologists of New Brunswick (CPNB) and to provide information to the general public on the professional practice of psychology in the province.

The College has two distinct mandates: to regulate the professional practice of psychology in New Brunswick and to promote the profession of psychology in the province.

In its regulatory mandate, CPNB is the licensing body for those wishing to professionally practise psychology in the province. Only those licensed by the College are authorized to use the title “psychologist” and to practise in the province. The regulatory function is designed to protect the public by ensuring that only those who are qualified to practise as psychologists are authorized to do so in the province.

In its promotional mandate, CPNB undertakes to enhance the professional competence of its members by a variety of means including organizing and publicizing workshops and publishing newsletters. CPNB also intervenes in the development of public policies. CPNB lobbies policymakers in cases that advance the interests of the profession or in situations where the expertise of its membership may contribute to the development of better policies and programs to meet the needs of its clientele.

The website also provides information on the legislation and by-laws of the College, the registration process, the Code of Ethics that psychologists must follow, as well as the structure, activities and history of the CPNB.

An interactive registry of psychologists licensed to practise in the province is also provided. The registry enables you to locate psychologists who practise in your region and indicates their areas of specialty. Additional information is also provided including links to a number of external sites.

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