Recommended Fee Schedule


Preamble to Schedule

The Fee Schedule pertains to payments to psychologists licensed by the College of Psychologists of New Brunswick.

  1. These fees are for office practice, and cannot be extrapolated to determine out-of-office fees.
  2. Psychologists may also include in their accounts expenses incurred on behalf of a client, for example: tapes, books, long distance phone charges, travel times, postal and courier service.
  3. The fees contained herein are recommended guidelines rather than requirements. Individual psychologists may adopt fees which vary from these suggested amounts:

Fee Schedule


Per 1 hour                                               $210.00

Group Psychotherapy

Per Client                                             $45.00-$100.001

Psychological assessments vary greatly in length, such variation being dependent on the complexity of the case, and the type of information available to the psychologist and requested by the referral source.

It may be assumed that a range of 10-20 hours is a reasonable estimate of the time typically spent by a psychologist in completing an individual assessment.2 Included are the following:

  • Client interviewing
  • Reviewing previous records and documents
  • Test administration, scoring and interpretation
  • Report preparation and dissemination.        

Psychologists may have various individual practices (e.g., payment for missed appointments), which you should clarify with the practitioner prior to engaging services.

In New Brunswick, the title Psychologist may only be used by persons licensed by the College of Psychologists of New Brunswick.

1Depends on length of session and size of group

2Court and other specialized assessments are not included in this estimate.

Revised 2023