Guidelines for Licensing

We accept doctoral programs in psychology (PhD or PsyD) that meet the educational requirements as outlined in Rule no. 1.


The Registration Committee reviews all applications for membership with CPNB.  Below are the confirmed meeting dates.  In order for the Registration Committee to review applications, all documents must be received at CPNB at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled meeting date.  Documents are to be sent to Renée Turner, Assistant Registrar, at

  • October 29, 2021 (deadline of October 15, 2021)
  • December 10, 2021 (deadline of November 26, 2021)
  • January 21, 2022 (deadline of January 7, 2022)
  • February 25, 2022 (deadline of February 11, 2022)
  • April 8, 2022 (deadline of March 25, 2022)
  • May 27, 2022 (deadline of May 13, 2022)
  • June 17, 2022 (deadline of June 3, 2022)

Please note: Candidates/Members whose files are being reviewed at a meeting will receive written confirmation of the Registration Committee’s decision/recommendation within two weeks following the meeting. We will respond to everyone as quickly as possible and appreciate your cooperation and patience.


The following dates have been confirmed for the oral exams/interviews.  If you are an interim member and have completed all requirements for licensure (i.e. supervision and EPPP) and would like to be invited for your oral exam, please communicate with Renée Turner, Assistant Registrar, at at least two weeks prior to the Registration Committee meeting that is scheduled prior to the oral exams/interviews.  For those candidates applying for licensure through CFTA, you will be invited to the earliest interview session following receipt of your application by the Registration Committee.

  • May 26 and 27, 2022 (deadline of March 25, 2022)


Licensing is the process by which the determination is made regarding who may represent himself or herself as a psychologist, use the title psychologist or offer services under the descriptive term “psychological”, or any derivative thereof (Article 11(2), The College of Psychologists Act, 2017).

In order to issue a license, the Registration Committee must ascertain that a person is qualified to engage in the practice of psychology. The practice of psychology shall be generally understood to mean the rendering of psychological services to the public.

Licensing Requirements adopted by the College of Psychologists of New Brunswick shall be used by the Registration Committee in evaluating the credentials of applicants for licensing. These licensing requirements are intended to provide information to prospective candidates about the process of, and current standards for, licensing of psychologists in New Brunswick. While the licensing requirements are designed to have general applicability across the range of areas of psychological practice, the Registration Committee recognizes the need for flexibility in interpretation of the licensing requirements with respect to individual cases.

The EPPP is available in both official languages and the cost is determined by Pearson VUE of the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Board (ASPPB) which is the agency responsible for the EPPP.

While you must notify the Assistant Registrar of your intention to write the EPPP as stated in the Written Examination Procedures By-Law, we wish to inform you that ASPPB is responsible for all organizational aspects and for the administration of the EPPP.

CPNB is therefore not involved with the administration of the EPPP other than entering the candidates in the ASPPB system and providing the candidates with the results of the examination as submitted by ASPPB. If you are an interim member and you would like to register to write the EPPP, please send an e-mail to Renée Turner, Assistant Registrar, at with the following information:

  • Name (as it appears on your official identification documents)
  • E-mail Address

You will then receive an e-mail from ASPPB/Certemy with instructions on how to register to write the EPPP. ASPPB has partnered with Certemy, a leading provider of licensing, enforcement, and exam management software, to make it faster and easier for you to register and schedule your exam with Pearson VUE.

As for the necessary information to proceed referred to in the Written Examination Procedures By-Law mentioned above  (5. (1) (d)), please consider the following as the information that the Registrar can provide you:

  • consult the website: for information on the EPPP or ASPPB.
  • the computerized administration of the EPPP is available at all authorized Pearson Professional Centers (PPCs). The nearest Pearson Professional Centers for New Brunswick candidates are in Halifax, Montreal and Bangor, Maine (USA).
  • you may call 1-844-659-4754 or visit to get more information.
  • you may contact with technical support question.
  • Certemy has produced how-to videos and guides to help you complete the exam registration and schedule process as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Please consult this link for more information

Please ensure that you are not using the browser, Internet Explorer (IE) when attempting to access the Certemy platform.  IE is no longer supported by Microsoft.

More information and Forms for First Time Applicant

Supervision Forms

Applicants who are licensed in other Canadian jurisdictions

If you are a registered psychologist and in good standing with another provincial or territorial regulatory authority and wish to practice in New Brunswick, please fill out the CFTA forms above. If you have any questions, contact the Assistant Registrar of the College of Psychologists (506.857.2101 ─

Telepsychology Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Atlantic provinces

There is a MOU in place between the Atlantic provinces that allows psychologists who are registered and residing in one of those provinces, to provide telepsychology services to the other Atlantic provinces without having to be licensed.

For NB registrants, please contact the regulatory body where you would like to provide telepsychology services and they will guide you on how to proceed.

For NS, PE & NL registrants, please send an e-mail to the Assistant Registrar, Renée Turner, at indicating your intent to provide telepsychology services in NB along with your license/registration # and contact information.   A confirmation e-mail will be sent confirming that  you can proceed with your services.

Here is a link to the MOU document Telepsychology-MOU-PEIPRB-NB-NL-NSBEP.2020.English as well as the ACPRO ACPRO.Telepsychology Model Standards – June 4, 2011 and CPNB Model Standards for Telepsychology Service telepsychology model standards.  All questions can be directed to Renée Turner at the above e-mail address.

Applicants who are educated and licensed outside of Canada

If you are educated and registered as a psychologist outside of Canada and wish to become licensed in New Brunswick, you will need to apply to CPNB for Interim Membership by completing the Interim Forms above (Application for Interim Member and Reference Form for Interim Member).  The Association of Canadian Psychology Regulatory Organizations (ACPRO) requires foreign-educated psychologists to complete a credentials evaluation with ICD, a division of CGFNS International, Inc., before they apply to Regulatory Organizations for licensure to practice in Canada.  The link to apply for a credentials evaluation is  Once your credentials evaluation report is complete, it will be sent to CPNB directly.  You will also receive the applicant copy of your report.  If you have any questions about CPNB, please contact Renée Turner, Assistant Registrar, at  If you need to contact ICD, the number is 215-305-8160.